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Identification of Gifted Learners

  • Referrals can be received from teachers, parents, school administration, psychologists, counselors, coaches or students. Referrals from teachers/staff should include formative assessment data to support the referral. Referrals from parents should include a nomination form and may also include the Home observation scale (SIGS) which can be received from the school liaison.
  • Referrals are also received through the universal screening data point (NNAT)
  • Referrals work on a timeline within thirty days to make a determination of further testing.
  • Referrals are to be given to the school GT Liaison & the collection of a body of evidence is initiated.
  • GT Leader takes the referral to the committee at either the school or the district level when the body of evidence is collected.

Procedures for Disagreement

The following information describes the procedure in Fort Lupton School District for dispute resolution- - In disputes regarding gifted identification:

1. Contact the gifted Liaison at your child's school.

2. If a decision cannot be made at the school level, the Gifted coordinator will contact the district identification team.

3. The district identification team will make a final decision.


Body of Evidence includes: 

Quantitative Assessments

Qualitative Assessments

Identification body of evidence

Quantitative assessment provides numerical scores or ratings that can be analyzed or quantified.

  • Norm-referenced test (e.g., cognitive and achievement
  • Criterion-referenced test (e.g., state assessment and curriculum based measures)
  • A normed observation scale (SIGS- Scales for Identifying Gifted Students)

Qualitative assessment provides interpretive and descriptive information about certain attributes, characteristics, behaviors or performances.

  • Rubric
  • Performance
  • Observation
  • Checklist
  • Interview