Administration Staff

Alan J. Kaylor Superintendent 303-857-3207
Debra Smith Executive Secretary to the Superintendent & Board of Education 303-857-3203
Jim Roedel Chief Operating Officer (COO) 303-857-7278
Marci Hester Chief Academic Officer (CAO) 303-857-3215
David Muniz Director of ESS and Special Programs



Joetta Vallejos-Forsyth SWAP Coordinator 303-857-7295
C. Andrew Moore Director of Operations and Facilities 303-857-7373
Celeste Sanchez Transportation Supervisor 303-857-7370
Quetzally Castel Carmona Executive Secretary to Nutrition Services/Transportation Secretary 303-857-3321
Maria Iguado Transportation Secretary 303-857-7370

Karmen Sawicki

Site Coordinator and Preschool Teacher 303-857-3300
Jessica Holbrook Director of Finance and Business Services 303-857-3210
Gerald Smith Director of Technology 303-857-3304
Michelle Buscho Gifted and Talented Coordinator 303-857-7400
Gabriela Rivera Community Engagement & Translation Specialist 303-857-3213
Michael Kimbrough Jr. Online Learning Coordinator


Wendy Koceski District MTSS Coordinator 303-857-3302
Jennifer Martinez Grants Manager 303-857-3214
Tahirah Williams Nutrition Services Director 303-857-3216
Stephanie McClary Human Resource Manager 303-857-3217
Susan Sanders Payroll/Accounting 303-857-3205
Shirley Wood Accounts Payable 303-857-3208
Manuela Retana ESS Executive Secretary 303-857-7280
Kacy Little Owl Transition Teacher/Coordinator 303-857-6520
Brittnee Hofferber State and Federal Reporting Analyst 303-857-3204
Mark Hoag Senior Computer Maintenance Technician 303-857-3206
Craig Schwartz Technology 303-857-3201
Nicholas Hadzic Technology 303-857-3201
Cooper Salaway Technology 303-857-3303
Cathy Swanson District Instructional Coach 303-857-6520
Sandra Rabas District Instructional Coach/MLD Coordinator 303-857-6520
Teri Barlow District Instructional Coach 303-857-6520
Judy Callaway District Instructional Coach 303-857-6520