Grants and Programs


The Grants Department coordinates the allocation and spending of grant funds from the US Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Education as well as the district-wide grants from other sources. The district is always looking for grant programs that fit the overall district mission and plan.

Entitlement (Title) Grants

These grants are basically renewed each year, although the funding changes with the demographics of our students. These grants are allocated to states from the Federal level as part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Four Federal Title programs have ended in the last ten years, and the rest have seen reductions in funding. More information about these programs in Colorado can be found at the Colorado Department of Education website: The four Title programs are:

Title IA: Funding for underprivileged youth

Butler and Twombly Elementary Schools qualify for Title I funds. Our Title I programs are “Schoolwide” so all elementary students are eligible for Title I funds. These funds are used for coaching teachers in best educational practices and ESL and Reading Interventionists who work directly with students in small-group settings. The district is required to set aside a significant amount of these funds for statutory requirements, such as for specific professional development or providing tutoring opportunities for outside providers when schools are rated below an “Improvement Status”.
The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), requires that each Local Educational Agency (LEA) that receives Title I funds prepare and disseminate an annual report, which includes information for the LEA as a whole and for each school served by the LEA. Local reports must include information related to a wide variety of student and school performance metrics, accountability, and per-pupil expenditures, as well as any other information that the LEA deems relevant. The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has developed an interactive dashboard which presents school-, district-, and state-level information for each of the required elements. The interactive dashboard and raw data files (Excel) can be found on the ESSA Local Reports Webpage.

Title IC: Migrant Programs

These funds are administered to our district through Centennial BOCES, a consortium that works with schools throughout north-central Colorado. Funds are used to support programs for migrant students and their families outside of the school day. The majority of Title IC pays for a district level Migrant Family Liaison.

Title IIA: Supporting Highly Qualified Teachers

Funds are used to provide purchased service coaching across the district. These coaches work with teachers, developing a specific contract with goals relating to the individual teacher’s needs and plan for professional development..

Title III: Supporting English Language Acquisition

These funds support part of an ELD Interventionist position at both Butler and Twombly. Interventionists work with small groups of students who speak English as their second language. These interventionist positions are part of our overall ELD program.

Competitive Grants

These grants are awarded after an application process and are for a limited time. The district is always looking for grant programs that fit the overall district mission and plan and at any given time there are several competitive grant programs that are supplementing the district’s overall goals as a “Community United for Student Success…College Ready!”

Some examples of present and past competitive grants in the Weld Re-8 district are:

Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) – A program which supplemented teacher coaching in the district and provided incentives for student achievement

Expelled and At-Risk Student Services (EARSS) - A grant program that provided an Attendance Advocate position that the district sustained after the grant ended

Advanced Placement Incentive - provided training and resources for the Advanced Placement courses at Fort Lupton High School

Colorado Graduation Pathways (CGP) - Supplements tutoring at the middle and high school levels and provides services for engaging students at risk for being expelled

Farm to School - A program that helps make connections with local farmers to provide fresh ingredients for school lunches and helped to supplement large kitchen appliance purchases at Twombly Elementary

Parent Right to Know

As a parent of a student in Weld Re 8 Schools, you have the right to know the professional qualifications of the classroom teacher who instructs your child. This is a requirement for all districts that receive Title I funds. Federal law allows you to request certain information about your student’s classroom teacher. The law also requires the district to give you this information in a timely manner upon request. Listed below is the information about which you have the right to ask for regarding each of your student’s classroom teachers.

  • Whether the Colorado Department of Education has licensed or endorsed your

student’s teacher for the grades and subjects taught.

  • Whether CDE has decided that your student’s teacher can teach in a classroom without

being licensed or qualified under state regulations because of special circumstances.

  • The teacher’s college major; whether the teacher has any advanced degrees, and, if so,

the subject of the degrees.

  • Whether any teachers’ aides or similar paraeducators provide services to your child

and, if they do, their qualifications.

Please contact the Weld Re 8 Human Resources Department at 303-857-3217 if you would like to receive any of this information.


Language Instruction

School districts using funds under Title I, Part A or under Title III to provide a language instructional program must, not later than 30 days after the beginning of the school year, or within two weeks of identification as an English learner, inform parents of an English learner (EL) identified for participation or participating in such a program, of

  • The reasons for the identification of their child as an EL and in need of placement in a language instruction education program;
  • The child’s level of English proficiency, how such level was assessed, and the status of the child’s academic achievement;
  • The methods of instruction used in the program in which their child is, or will be, participating and the methods of instruction used in other available programs, including how such programs differ in content, instructional goals, and the use of English and a native language in instruction;
  • How the program in which their child is, or will be, participating will meet the education strengths and needs of their child;
  • How such program will specifically help their child learn English and meet age-appropriate academic achievement standards for grade promotion and graduation;
  • The specific exit requirements for the program, including the expected rate of transition from such program into classrooms that are not tailored for ELs, and the expected rate of graduation from high school if funds are used for children in high schools;
  • In the case of a child with a disability, how such program meets the objectives of the individualized education program of the child; and
  • Information pertaining to parental rights that includes written guidance

o Detailing the right that parents have to have their child immediately removed from such a program upon their request;

o Detailing the options that parents have to decline to enroll their child in such a program or to choose another program or method of instruction, if available; and

o Assisting parents in selecting among various programs and methods of instruction, if more than 1 program or method is offered by the eligible entity.


Grants and Funding Sources in Weld Re-8


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Bank of Colorado - Local Grant/Donation                              Weld Trust - Local Competitive Grant Award


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Centennial BOCES - Title III Migrant Set Aside Funding          Local Competitive Grant Award


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Local COVID Relief Grant Awarded in 2020   


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