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Last semester and over the past year and a half school attendance has been a struggle nationwide with more than 1 in every five students in the nation missing at least 10 percent of the school year. Weld Re-8 needs your support and help. 


Attendance at school is the second highest determining factor of our students' success at school and missing just 2 days a month means a child misses 10% of the school year. Weld Re-8 is asking for your help in ensuring that your student attends school every day, as their ATTENDANCE MATTERS toward their continued success. 


If you have any questions with regard to your students' attendance please check your Infinite Campus parent portal or contact your schools attendance secretary. 


Thank you for all your support. 


Weld Re-8 Leadership Team 



Compulsory Attendance

Colorado districts and schools are required to follow many Colorado statutes related to compulsory attendance.  Mandated reporting includes student attendance data in several areas including those below. 


Chronically Absent: A student absent 10 percent or more of the days enrolled during the school year is chronically absent. All absences are included – unexcused, excused and suspensions.  The rate is the percentage of students enrolled who are chronically absent 


Truancy: Truancy is defined as an unexcused absence.  The rate is calculated by dividing the reported Total Student Days Unexcused Absences by the Total Student Days Possible. 


Habitually Truant (Student Count): A student is counted as habitually truant if the student has four unexcused absences in one month and/or 10 absences in one school year. 



The Colorado Department of Education webpage Overview of Attendance in Colorado lists the statutes related to attendance.


School Attendance Act – Residence of child (§22-1-102, C.R.S.)

  • Every public school shall be open for the admission of all children, between the ages of five and twenty-one years, residing in that district without the payment of tuition.

School Attendance Act – Compulsory School Attendance (§22-33-104, C.R.S.)

  • Requires that each child between the ages of six and 17 shall attend public school unless otherwise excused. 

Standardizing Truancy Reporting and Expanding the Resources (§22-33-104, C.R.S.)

  • Requires the Colorado State Board of Education to adopt guidelines for the standardized calculation of unexcused absences of students from school.

School Attendance Law of 1963 - Truancy Court (§19-1-104, C.R.S.)

  • Allows a criminal justice agency investigating a matter under the "School Attendance Law of 1963" to seek, prior to adjudication, disciplinary and truancy information from the juvenile's school.

Truancy enforcement (§22-33-107, C.R.S.)

  • Requires school district to have policy for a truancy plan with the goal of assisting the child to remain in school.

FINANCE ACT OF 1994 (§22-54-103, C.R.S.)

  • “Pupil enrollment" means the number of pupils enrolled on the pupil enrollment count day within the applicable budget year, as evidenced by the actual attendance of such pupils prior to said date.

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Weld Re-8 School Attendance Contacts
Little Trappers Preschool Karmen Sawicki, Director [email protected]
Butler Elementary Jordan Chacon, Assistant Principal [email protected]
Twombly Elementary Jamie Zupparo, Assistant Principal [email protected]
Homyak PK-8 Julie Garcia, Principal [email protected]
Fort Lupton Middle School Justin Roberts, Assistant Principal [email protected]
Fort Lupton High School Melissa Klomp, Dean of Students [email protected]
Weld Re-8 District Contact Jim Roedel, COO [email protected]


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