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Home School Information


Home schooling is deregulated in the state of Colorado and considered a non-public schooling option, therefore, parents/guardians assume the responsibility of their student's education including acquisition of books, supplies, tests and maintaining all permanent records. Weld Re-8 Schools is not able to advise on homeschool matters.


A parent/guardian who intends to establish a nonpublic home-based education program is required to:

  • Provide written notification explaining the intent to home school his/her child(ren).
    • This written notification must be given 14 days before the parent/guardian established the home school program (22-33-104.5(3)(e), C.R.SJ)
    • The notification must list the student's name, age, home address and attendance hours. State statute requires a minimum of 4 hours a day for a minimum of 172 days per year. Weld Re-8 Schools offers a template to gather required and helpful information but other formats are acceptable too.
    • Please Note:  Written notification must be re-submitted to the school district each year the home school program is maintained after the initial year.
    • If the written notification is not submitted to the school district the student resides in, it is advisable to notify the residing school district as well to avoid truancy action.
  • Students being homeschooled must either take a nationally standardized assessment in grades three, five, seven, nine, and eleven to evaluate academic progress or be evaluated by a qualified person.  It is the obligation of the parent/guardian to report the test or evaluation results to either the school district that received the letter of intent to homeschool or to an independent or parochial school.


Can homeschool students take classes in Weld Re-8 Schools?

YES! Weld Re-8 Schools offers a range of options for students who are homeschooled.  Our Online Academy offers a full range of courses available in an online format.  Additionally, students are able to attend in person courses within our other schools if desired. 


What about participating in sports or other extracurricular programs?

Homeschool students at the Secondary level both at high school and middle school are allowed to compete in athletics with Weld Re-8. For Middle School you need to contact the Athletic Director at Fort Lupton Middle School to schedule an appointment to review the offerings available and the eligibility criteria. 
For High School students home-based student participation is governed by CHSAA (Colorado High School Activities Association) under CHSAA Bylaws Article 17 General Eligibility, 1710 General Eligibility Requirements 
A student enrolled in a high school shall be eligible to represent that school in CHSAA-sanctioned interscholastic activities if the student meets the following specific requirements: 
(a) The student is a bona fide undergraduate member of the high school in which he/she/they is enrolled. 
EXCEPTION 1: Home based and other students who attend a school without a program, and who meet statutory requirements shall be eligible. Statutory requirements state that a student in a home-based education program must be registered with a school district of participation a minimum of 14 days prior to being considered a home-based educational student. Students who do not meet statutory requirements shall be considered ineligible for interscholastic competition, but may practice (provided he/she/they is registered with the school district). 
EXCEPTION 2: A student who registers at the beginning of the school year in a non-public home-based educational program may participate in the activities program at a public or private school. In the case of a private school, the student must be accepted for inclusion in the school program by the school and meet any criteria set by that private school
There are also additional bylaws that are important to understand for home-based student athletes. Such as the district of enrollments Out of District Participant Placement Policy Bylaw 5250, and State Statutes Application Bylaw 5260 
Also note that all Home-based education students are subject to the School of origins academic eligibility policies along with all CHSAA eligibility policies.  
It is required that any home-based student athlete wishing to participate in CHSAA athletics or activities that they contact the Fort Lupton High School Athletic Director to schedule an appointment to review the offerings and the eligibility criteria. 

Please contact [email protected] for more information on these options.


To Submit your letter of Intent or test scores: 

By Mail:  Office of the Superintendent, Weld Re-8 Homeschool, ATTN:  Debra Smith, 200 S. Fulton Avenue, Fort Lupton, Colorado 80621


By Email: Please attach your letter as a PDF document and email it to [email protected]


Please visit the following Colorado Dept. of Education website for additional information:


For more information about Weld Re-8's Online Academy,

please click here.