Important Announcement from the City Regarding the Fort Lupton Public and School Library

The City has been notified of a discovery of bed bugs in certain library books that were returned at the temporary facility at the Middle School.  The City believes the books in question were returned on July 30, 2018 around 10 a.m. Library personnel bagged up the books upon discovery, and an exterminator has been contacted for follow-up and remediation, if needed. 


Although bed bugs are found in many public places and are considered a nuisance rather than a health hazard, this advisory is being provided out of an abundance of caution for those who may have utilized Library facilities, checked out Library books, or visited the Middle School around this time frame. The City will provide updates as additional information is available.


If you have concerns, there are resources concerning bed bugs on the internet, including:


or contact a pest control firm or exterminator.