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District Wellness Plan

Weld County Re-8 Nutrition and Physical Activity Advisory Council (NPAAC)

Wellness Links


Contact Information: 

Akiko Miyagi, Director of Food Service, 616 S Denver Ave. Fort Lupton, CO 80621, (303) 857-3216

Annie Baker, NCHA Wellness Coordinator: abaker.alliance@nocoha.org / 303-257-0944
Upcoming Wellness Committee Meeting Dates: 
  • May 17th, 2017 5:00-8:00 p.m. in the Boardroom 



 Research shows

 Health is Vital for Student Success!

 Sleep  *  Tooth Decay  *  Asthma 

 1 in 4 students are chronically sleep-deprived and fall asleep in class. 

 More than 51 million hours of school time are lost each year due to dental disease.  

 Asthma accounts for 10.5 million missed school days each year in the U.S. 


Weld Re-8 Health and Wellness Task Force Report:

Topic: Health Services, 26 in attendance.

Presentations by: Paula Samide, District Nurse; Jessi Stoll, Salud Dental; and Corrie Groesbeck, Weld Waits and Weld County Health Department Tobacco Prevention. 

Vote for PD topics and times! Email Annie: abaker.alliance@nocoha.org


Upcoming District Events:

 · 3/21:  Fort Lupton High Schools’ Community Blood Drive, 8-2:30

 · 3/27-3/31:  Spring Break! 

 Health Champion Highlight:

 · Butler, Twombly and Quest held a successful HEALTHY LIFESTYLES NIGHT with over 100 in attendance! 

 Healthy Schools Grant Milestone

 · April 2017:  Smart Source Assessments due.  Schedule a time with Annie by 4/1: abaker.alliance@nocoha.org

 Wellness Goals for February: 

 · Get 8-10 hours of sleep per night.   Set an alarm for bedtime!

 · Reduce your sugar intake.  Make an appointment to see your dentist every 6 months.

 · Have an Asthma plan on file with your school.


Important dates coming up: 

 · April 6th 6:30:  Free showing of American Winter  at First United Methodist Church,  Ft. Lupton

 · April 12th:  Deadline to apply for “Sources of Strength” grant for Health Promotion & Suicide Prevention

 · April 21, 9-3, Fort Collins:  Food for Thought Bring Nutrition Education to Life…Register by April 17

 · May 10, 8-3:30, Colorado Springs: Health Education Standards Cadre Training…Register by May 3

 (Register Now at:  http://rmc.org/all-events/#crf)

 · May 17th 5-7, Next Health and Wellness Task Force Meeting:  Nutrition / Teaching w Brain in Mind







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