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Weld Re-8 STRONG

November 9, 2016

It is with an extreme sense of gratitude that I write this letter of thank you to the community of Weld County School District Re-8.   Yesterday, you, as a community of people, voted to approve a $48.6 million dollar Bond that will improve each and every school in our district.  You have clearly stated that our kids deserve a safe and secure learning environment where optimal learning will occur.  The breakdown on the money will allow each school to receive new furniture in every classroom, safety improvements including fire sprinklers, American Disabilities Act compliant door hardware, lighting, technology, classroom acoustics, as well as enhancements to the secure entrances.  The cost breakdown on your investment is as follows:

  • Fort Lupton High School will receive $10.692 million.
  • Twombly Elementary School will receive $6.804 million.
  • Butler Elementary School will receive $7.29 million.
  • Fort Middle School will receive $972,000.
  • New building for Early Childhood Center combination Administrative/Board Room $5.346 million.
  • New building to replace the temporary buildings at Quest. Quest will receive $17.496 million.

There is a link to the Weld Re-8 School District website for specifics on the scope of work titled Weld Re-8 Strong.  Here, you can find additional information on the scope of work planned at each building.

This process served to unify our community to provide educational opportunities for ALL of our students.  This was a team effort as many meetings were held beginning in January of 2016 which allowed the voices from the community to be heard in order to identify the areas of needs. The Facilities Committee, formed during this process, carried the work throughout the summer and into the fall with the campaign for Ballot Measure 3E.  I want to thank the many people behind the scenes who were committed to this moral imperative.

I know each of you had a choice to make when supporting any increase in taxation and understand the trust you have placed in our school district represents an increase of $2.39 per $100, 000 of your home’s value.  As I have attended various groups this fall, the one area of focus for our community is the pride we have in who we are.  I am excited and committed to continue to build on this pride with a partnership to insure all of our students, who are our future, receive the very best education in the best environment.  There are several steps in the process of moving into the actual build stage and will ask for your support in creating Design Advisory Groups at each building as well as a Budget Oversight Committee to guarantee that your hard earned dollars address the areas we have promised.  

Recently the Colorado Department of Education released the School Performance on each of our five schools.  We have 4 of our 5 schools that received the highest available ranking from the state.  We are committed to moving all 5 of our schools into this top ranking!  

Thank you on behalf of all the staff and students in Weld Re-8.  

Alan J. Kaylor, Superintendent 



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