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From the Desk of Superintendent, Alan Kaylor

February 2018

Weld Re-8 Community,

We are excited to share the opening of Little Trappers Preschool where we are able to provide an educational home to 196 three- and four-year olds.  The first day of school in the new building united the Twombly and Butler families together under one roof in order to provide consistent care and instruction for the youngest of our students.  The first floor houses the Preschool along with a Community Common Room that seats 220 people with a serving kitchen for our families.  The second floor of the building is the new home for the District Administrative Team where we will provide a welcoming environment.  I have challenged this Team to provide the very best in leadership and support for our students, parents, staff and community.  Your vote for our District to make the safety, security and top-notch educational environment upgrades for our future signals a new beginning for Weld Re-8, and my promise to each of you is to prepare each and every unique student for their future college and/or career plans.

We are currently in our Open/Choice Enrollment period, and I encourage you to see our website for a letter explaining the process.  We are opening the new Homyak PK-8 School in August of 2018 with a capacity for 450 students.  We currently have 200 students in the old building and are accepting applications for the upcoming school year.

We have just passed roughly 60% of our student days of attendance.  It amazes me how quickly time passes and how students grow!  We continue to emphasize our Literacy partnership with Sterling Literacy knowing that each student can improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.  Our professional development this year has been directed at improving our educational system’s delivery of daily instruction designed to meet each students’ needs. 

I recently spent time in research reading about quality instructional delivery and practices, and found a short excerpt regarding the importance of a quality school in the education of our students:

“Put another way, a student scoring at the 50th percentile who spends two years in an average school, with an average teacher, is likely to continue scoring at the 50th achievement percentile. That same student, having spent two years in a “most effective” school with a “most effective” teacher, rockets to the 96th achievement percentile. The converse also holds: If this same student spends two years in a “least effective” school with a “least effective” teacher, that student’s achievement level plunges to the third percentile (Marzano, 2003). Because schools can have such a significant impact on student achievement, it is critical that they put into place policies and practices that support students’ learning.”

As an organization, we need to insure that your child has this in his/her life.  We will be relentless in this pursuit of excellence!

I am humbled and honored to serve as your Superintendent of Schools and invite you to contact me with any questions concerns and celebrations.


Posted 2/1/18


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