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Weld Re-8 School Board Call for Nominees to Fill Director G Vacancy.

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Community Members, Tax Payers, Parents, Students and Staff of Weld Re-8,

The Board of Education narrowed possible names for the two new new schools in Weld Re-8 at their Workshop on Monday, June 12th. The Board of Education would now like you to rank your top choices for the names of the two new buildings from the list on this survey.  
The Early Childhood Education (ECE) building, that will be located on the corner of Dexter and Fulton.  The new ECE will provide services to Preschool age children, replacing the current  Butler and Twombly Preschool programs by moving all Preschool students to one central building.   
The new PK-8 will be located on the far North West area of Weld Re-8 boundaries and is designed to provide education to 450 students. Both schools will be built with monies from the bond measures that passed by voters in November of 2016.
The Board will vote on the official names of the school at the June 29th, 2017 meeting.   
We appreciate your participation in helping us name our new schools, 
The Board of Education

2017 Summer Food Service Program 

Weld Re-8, in partnership with Chartwells K12, Fort Lupton Rec Center and Boys & Girls Clubs of Weld County, are pleased to announce that we will once again be participating in the Summer Food Service Program! All children ages 18 and under will be offered a free Breakfast and Lunch on the scheduled day(s) and time(s) at the specified site(s) listed on this release. The meals offered as part of the Summer Food Service Program will be the same for all children. There will be no discrimination during the course of the meal service provided, which will take place as follows:

LOCATION Fort Lupton Middle School and Twombly Elementary 

MEALS OFFERED Breakfast and Lunch

TIME(S) Breakfast: 8:00a.m. – 9:30a.m., Monday – Friday and Lunch: 11:30a.m. – 12:30p.m., Monday – Friday

DATE(S) Tuesday, May 30th 2017 – Friday, July14th 2017 Closed July 3rd and 4th in observance of Independence Day

PROGRAM CONTACTS Juanita Rodriguez (Primary SFSP Contact) Executive Secretary of Food Services Phone: (303) 857-3321 Fort Lupton Middle School Kitchen (Direct Line) Phone: (303) 857-7203 

Haselden Construction is soliciting subcontractors for the Weld Re-8 Bond Projects, and will be awarding subcontracts and purchase orders for the projects.  (click here for more information)

Subcontractors Needed for the Following Scopes: Demolition, Concrete, Masonry, Structural/Misc. Steel, Rough Carp, Millwork, Dampproofing, Roofing, Joint Sealants, DFH Install/Supply, OH Doors, Aluminum Storefront, Drywall, Flooring, ACT, Painting, Specialties, Window Treatments, Fire Suppression, MEP, Tele/Data, Earthwork, Asphalt, Site Concrete, Site Furnishings, Landscaping, & Utilities.


From the Desk of Superintendent, Alan Kaylor

As I watched the buses depart from the main campus on Thursday, May 26th, it signaled the beginning of a summer of adventure for the students and staff.  I had a sense of pride and accomplishment thinking back to the start of school last August and the faces of your children as many of them were excited to return to familiar friends and make new ones.  Some 173 days later of school, your child learned many important lessons and achieved many great successes.  Summer holds the opportunity to continue your child’s learning in ways that compliment the formal classroom setting in Weld Re-8.  I am convinced that the skills students learn through interactions and collaboration are the ones that will compliment their formal classroom education.  I would ask you to challenge them throughout the summer break as research demonstrates that students lose academic learning over the three-month summer break.

This website offers free resources for your child to continue their learning during the summer months, and I have included the opening of the website:

http://www.shanahanonliteracy.com/blog/encouraging-summer-reading - sthash.XOaHKT1a.BoBFU1IW.dpuf

“Another school year is coming to a close, but that shouldn’t mean that your kids can stop reading and writing. Research shows bad outcomes for kids who don’t read (their reading test scores actually decline). A summer away from school should not be a summer away from reading. Encourage your children (teens, too) to read over the summer. It’s one of the most loving things you can do for them!

Here are some suggestions that might help:

  1. Summer usually allows families to spend more time together. This can be a great opportunity to read with your kids. Children can learn a lot from being read to, and it is a lot of fun, too. Even if they can read by themselves, take turns reading to each other, and be sure to talk about what you are reading. Ask questions, answer questions, explore the ideas together, but read.
  2. As kids get older, help them find books, magazines, or newspaper articles that they would enjoy reading, and you read them, too (trips to the library together are a great idea for finding such material). Or read the same book they are reading for class over the summer so you can discuss it. The point is to share the reading experience.
  3. Even if you are not reading the same books they are, talk to your children about what they are reading. Ask them questions such as what happened in the story or what might happen next, who is their favorite character, or who is the villain. This builds summarization and recall skills, and your interest can help increase their interest.
  4. Create a summer reading nook or spot in your home. Make sure there is good light and comfortable seating and try to set aside one TV/video-game-free night per week for family reading. Reading night can be a special snack night, too. There is nothing better than reading with a big bowl of popcorn or cookies and milk.
  5. If your children’s school program provides materials for home activities, absolutely use them.
  6. If you are taking a trip this summer, send for brochures and maps and have your children read them aloud with you.
  7. Don’t ignore the value of graphic novels or a popular book series like the Twilight books. These are great ways to encourage adolescents to read more. If you are having trouble finding books that your kids want to read try these resources from the International Reading Association:  Children's Reading ChoicesYoung Adult Reading Choices;
  8. Whether you are reading to your children or they are reading themselves, plan an outcome event or activity based on the reading. For instance, if the book has been made into a movie, watch the DVD together after reading the book. Book reading can lead to picnics, museum and zoo visits, ballgames, or even family vacations (we took our kids to Chincoteague Island and Hannibal, Missouri as a result of reading Misty of Chincoteague and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer with them).
  9. Write notes or letters to your children. What a great opportunity to remind them of experiences that they had when they were younger or to tell them about the lives of older people in the family, like their grandparents. Kids love getting letters and sometimes they’ll even write back.
  10. Don’t just focus on storybooks. Kids often prefer to read about fact rather than fiction, including books and articles about the environment, animals, current events, sports, and other factual topics. Talk to them about what they like and help them find reading materials that match those interests.”

Construction continues on the High School and on the Early Childhood Education Center (ECE).  The work at the High School has impacted the north side of the building in the current B and C Hallways.  Students will return this August to new and redesigned rooms, technology, safety and furniture.  We are posting the pictures and updates weekly on the website for you to watch the progress.

The ECE has changed the north end of the Middle School in the past three weeks.  Due to drainage issues on the corner of Fulton and Dexter, there will be interruptions on these Streets as new piping will be placed under ground to move water off the site and address the current water issues on those two streets.  The new building will be approximately two feet higher than the original level of the playing field.  Please stop by to watch the progress as well as follow online.

I am honored to be the Superintendent of Schools for Weld Re-8.  I wish you a fun-filled summer with family and friends.

Alan Kaylor, Superintendent 

posted 5/8/17

Weld Re-8 School District continues to seek volunteers for the newly approved Bond Oversight Committee. The committee will meet quarterly through completion of the 2016 Bond.  The primary function of the BOC is to assist the Board of Education in fulfilling the ballot commitment and responsibilities by reviewing expenditures associated with the 2016 Bond Funding.  

If you are interested in being a part of this committee please fill out an application and return it to Weld Re-8 District Office by Friday, April 14th, 2017 or email the completed application to wsarazen@weld8.org. If you have any questions contact Wendy Sarazen-Faulhaber at 303-857-3203.  Once the committee membership is confirmed by the school board, the initial meeting will be scheduled for the week of May 1st. 





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