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Welcome to Weld Re-8 School District

Weld County School District Re-8 SENATE BILL 03-139 (§ 1-7-908, C.R.S.) NOTICE

Visit the Weld Re-8 Strong website for more information on Weld Re-8's Facilities Master Plan.


Weld Re-8 STRONG

The Weld Re-8 Board of Education has voted unanimously to place a bond question on the November ballot.  The bond, would provide funds for improving safety and security systems across the district as well as needed building improvements in all schools while providing a new building for Weld Re-8 students.

While the Fair Campaign Practices Act prohibits the use of the school website for advocating for or against anything on the ballot, as Superintendent, I have a responsibility to inform the district's constituents.  The question would require approval from the voters and would come with a tax increase. All the funds would stay in Weld Re-8 School District and would fund improvements at all of our schools; none of it would be used for salary increases or for senior district administration (including me), and a citizen oversight committee would oversee the funds.

Without getting into too many details here, you can learn more about the district’s ballot questions by visiting the Weld County Schools website at www.weld8.org and clicking on the “Weld Re-8 Strong” page.

The process for designing this measure was time-consuming, detailed and intentional.  The district had an eight-month Facilities Master Planning process that evaluated the needs at every building and conducted detailed demographic studies looking at student enrollment patterns and population growth trends across the county. 

This research and planning process identified key projects, such as improving safety and security systems in all the buildings, improving Fort Lupton High School to accommodate its enrollment and adding science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and career/technical programs to upgrade the forty year old school.

We also held community meetings to get feedback on potential changes to schools and took this into account. The final tally of needs in the Facilities Master Plan came to $60 million in projects and improvements. Again, we worked over our plan, removed several projects, and evaluated “wants” to “needs,” resulting in a slimmer bond proposal of $48.6 million.  With the final number, it means that the taxpayer in Weld County School District Re-8 will see an increase in their monthly taxes by $2.39 monthly on a home valued at $100,000.  

The Board of Education plays a key role in these decisions. As representatives of the community, they act as the voice and conscience of all our communities. Ultimately, they had the largest voice in what the proposals included (or did not) and they should get the credit for work to minimize the tax impact to the greatest extent possible.

For the district leadership, our responsibility was in working to craft proposals that were the right fit for the community and providing clear and consistent communications to ensure that everyone was well informed throughout the process. While I’m confident we’ve done our due diligence on that front, we’ll have to wait until November to see if the ballot measure is successful. The voters will have the final word on it.  Until then, I encourage you to become informed on these issues and contact me directly if you have any questions or feedback.




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