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District Wellness Plan

Weld County Re-8 Nutrition and Physical Activity Advisory Council (NPAAC)

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Contact Information: 

Akiko Miyagi, Director of Nutrition Service, 616 S Denver Ave. Fort Lupton, CO 80621, (303) 857-3216

Annie Baker, NCHA Wellness Coordinator: / 303-257-0944
Upcoming Wellness Committee Meeting Dates: 

November 2017 Weld 8 Wellness Report


Stand Together to Prevent Suicide!

 Ask a question, save a life:  Question, Persuade, Refer. 

 If you are in crisis: Text “KIND” to 741741 or call: 800-273-TALK


·         In Colorado, suicide is the LEADING cause of death for young people, especially for girls age 12-14.


·         Warning Signs: direct/indirect threats, attempts, substance abuse, sudden changes in behavior, talking about dying, giving away possessions, making final arrangements, purchasing guns, pills,…


·         Just like CPR, QPR saves lives by training you how to recognize warning signs of suicide.  It is a Free 90 minute training that offers continuing education credits and a nationally recognized certificate.  Contact Kimberly Pratt: 970-313-1089/970-313-1160


AccomplishmentsAll 5 schools have submitted their SMART SOURCE assessments and received $150 to spend on wellness activities that support their SHIP (School Health Improvement Plan).  If you have questions, see your schools’ wellness leader (s):


·         Butler:  Joe Chavez and Heather Gibbs

          Twombly:  Allissa Pullion and Justin Guerrero

          Quest:  Nicole Stead

          FLMS:  Lindsay Yost

          FLHS:  Tonya Fabian

Wellness Events: 11/29/17Wellness Task Force: Physical Education.  UNC presented!


                              12/01/17:  WinterFest at Ft. Lupton Rec Center. 8:30-6.  Public Input for Wellness Plan!


                              01/24/17: Next Wellness Task Force, focus on Community Involvement!


Health Champions Highlight:


·         Hats off to Allissa Pullion and Justin Guerrero, Wellness Leaders at Twombly, for completing their SHIP training and planning great Staff Wellness Activities! 


·         Kudos to Lindsay Yost for being highlighted in the IHT (Integrated Health Technology) blog for using IHT heart monitors in health class.


Healthy Schools Grant Milestone:  First Draft of Comprehensive Health and Wellness Plan!

Weld 8 Wellness Plan Alignment Key:


#1:  District Wellness Policy Goals


·         Comprehensive learning environment for developing and practicing lifelong wellness behaviors.


·         Support & promote proper dietary habits, contributing to student health & academic performance


·         Provide multiple opportunities for students to engage in physical activity.


#2:  The Colorado Health Foundation Grant Requirements:


·         Assess and address:  Physical Activity, Healthy Food & Beverages, Support for student & staff health, health education, health services,behavioral health.


·         Include input from:  Leadership, Students, Families & Community, and Staff.


#3:  The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model ensuring that students are:


·         Safe – Engaged – Supported – Challenged – Healthy



For More information contact Annie Baker : / 303-257-0944


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200 South Fulton Avenue | Fort Lupton, CO 80621 | PH: 303-857-3200