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Weld Re-8 Administration Office                                  

200 South Fulton Avenue                                                 

Fort Lupton, CO 80621                                           

Phone: 303-857-3200 

Fax: 303-857-3219

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

For further questions and information please email


Alan Jeffrey Kaylor 303-857-3200
Superintendent Email Alan Kaylor
Budd Buchmann 303-857-3200
Assistant Superintendent Email Budd Buchmann
Gayle Dunlap 303-857-3215
Executive Director of Student Achievement Email Gayle Dunlap
Scott Graham 303-857-3213
Executive Director of Academic Support Email Scott Graham
Janice Anderson 303-857-3302
Assessment Coordinator Email Janice  Anderson
Margaret Saldaña 303-857-3217
Human Resources Executive Secretary Email Margaret  Saldaña
Marc Kahn 303-857-3210
Business Manager Email Marc  Kahn
Juanita Rodriguez 303-857-3321
Nutrition Lead Secretary Email Juanita Rodriguez
Susan Sanders 303-857-3205
Payroll/Accounting Assistant Email Susan Sanders
Shirley Wood 3038573208
Accounts Payable Email Shirley Wood
Ms. Arby Burkhardt 303-857-7278
Director of Exceptional Student Services Email Ms. Arby Burkhardt
Malinda Cordova 303-857-7280
ESS Executive Secretary Email Malinda Cordova
Dawn Graham 303-857-7295
SWAP Coordinator Email Dawn Graham
Mr. Gerald Smith 303-857-3304
Director of Technology Services Email Mr. Gerald Smith
Barbara Floodeen 303-857-3204
IT Lead Secretary Email Barbara Floodeen
Mark Hoag 303-857-3206
Technology Email Mark Hoag
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200 South Fulton Avenue | Fort Lupton, CO 80621 | PH: 303-857-3200