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WELCOME from the Director of Exceptional Student Services

Davin Scott,

The Gifted Program in Weld Re-8 continues to expand and refine services to our gifted students. We are enthused with the direction and momentum of our program in 2019. My Director’s Update explains our most recent work.

Last year, we underwent a thorough program audit to ensure we are aligned with state guidelines—the Colorado Gifted Education Review. We collected our evidence of practice student data, and your survey input to set goals and priorities in five program areas: Parent/Community Participation, Identification, Advanced Learning Plans, Programming, and Professional Development.


We subscribe to best practices in gifted education prescribed by the Colorado Department of Education  Departmento de Educacion de Colorado beginning with the definition of gifted. Each school goes beyond to feature services suited to needs of current gifted students.

You’re invited to review our Parent Handbook-Manual para Padres which provides an overview of important aspects of our Gifted and Talented Program.

For information about specific aspects of the Gifted and Talented Program, please go directly to the topics listed in the box on the right.

For specific questions or concerns, you may contact me or the Gifted Liaison in your child’s school. Gifted Liaisons are available in each school to share resources, information, and forms; answer questions; and discuss your concerns about your child and all aspects of Weld Re8 Gifted Program.



We look forward to partnering with you to help your students explore their strengths and experience success at school and in life. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time for more information or answers to your questions.