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                                                                                                                            November 2019

Dear Weld Re-8 Community Members,

Late October brought a large snow storm to our region and elicited many comments and questions regarding options around the student attendance at school.  We do have Board of Education policy that states:


β€œThe superintendent, or designee, is empowered to close the schools or to dismiss them

early in the event of hazardous weather or other emergencies which threaten the safety,

health or welfare of students or staff members. It is understood that he/she will take

such action only after consultation with appropriate authorities. The superintendent

shall consult with other area superintendents, as well as monitor the National Weather

Service (NWS) forecasts. If the NWS forecast calls for blizzard conditions and/or

hazardous driving conditions school shall be cancelled by 5:00 a.m. per Board of

Education policy.”


While every effort is made to inform each of you prior to the early morning hour of 5:00 AM, often storms do not develop as predicted.  I will continue to place the safety and welfare of our students, parents and staff at the forefront of every decision.


November brings a time of Thanksgiving for our country.  We are no different in Weld 8, and I want to pause to say thank you for your continued support and trust.  We live in an era of social media that allows and encourages individuals to express their thoughts and opinions.  I am thankful for your comments to offer positive changes to our family.  We continue to concentrate our efforts and skills on our Four Core Values: Excellence, Teamwork, Integrity and Valuing and Investing in People.  I have spent the beginning of the year focusing on the power of words in our interactions.  I hear our employees addressing one another and our students in a positive and encouraging fashion daily.  I believe in the power of the positive attitude and its effect on people.   I would encourage each of you to take some time over the Thanksgiving Holiday break to think about all the people in your life who have valued and invested in you personally. 


Congratulations to our Fall athletic teams.  Our Lady Bluedevil Softball Team appeared in the state playoffs for the second consecutive year and our Boys Soccer team is currently in the state playoffs after winning their first-round game.  I had the opportunity to attend the Parent-Teacher Conferences at all schools and watched as parents interacted with one another and with the staff to provide academic guidance for their children.  Thank you for taking an active role in the education of our students. 

Thank you for your commitment to Weld Re-8 School District and for trusting us with your most precious gift.




A Proud Weld Re-8 Employee

200 South Fulton, Fort Lupton, CO 80621




Posted November 3, 2019 @ 5:59 p.m.


Alan J. Kaylor, Superintendent

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