January 1, 2020


Weld Re-8 Community,


This January 1st brings a new decade for each of us.  I often look back at the past year as the calendar changes to the new year.  I want to spend a moment to review some of our accomplishments over the past year and a few prior to that.


After the voter-approved Bond of 2016, Weld Re-8 has finally closed out the construction process.  We were able to build and successfully open two new buildings (Little Trappers Preschool and Homyak PK-8 School) with the funds you provided.  Each of our schools now has a secure and monitored vestibule entry to ensure safety for our children.  We have new furniture and fixtures in every classroom across the District including state of the art touchscreen interactive projection boards. In 2012, Fort Lupton Middle School underwent a major remodel. With the 2016 Bond, they also received the interactive teaching/learning boards as well as new furniture with pricing on a new camera system in the works.  Twombly received remodeled classrooms throughout and a new gymnasium flooring system.  Butler’s old classrooms (those prior to the initial addition) were remodeled as well as receiving updates to the entrance area.   Our High School has a new and state-of-the-art Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics area in addition to remodeled classrooms throughout the entire school. 


All of these improvements are designed to create the safest and best possible learning environments for our students. I am thankful for your commitment to the students and staff in the schools, and their ongoing safety and security. None of this was possible without your trust and faith in our District.


This past year, I invited the Colorado Department of Education to visit our District to review our services to our English Language Development students.  During that review, it was determined that we could improve our current status of instructional delivery.  We were able to hire a full-time Director to create the necessary changes to instruction.  Combined with that new position, we were able to secure a grant-funded position for our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to offer a better system of instructional delivery to all students.  We speak about providing Best-First Instruction in each classroom across our District, and both of these positions are designed to address that need.


As research in education continues, it is apparent that not every student is college-bound in their post-secondary plans.  Weld Re-8 will continue to provide a world-class education to each student which will prepare him or her for college and or career choices.  One year ago, we founded the Career Explore Program at the High School which is designed to provide those career-thought-minded students a clear pathway to their dreams and goals.  We have worked closely with several local industry partners to garner work internships for students who, otherwise, may not have continued in their formal schooling journey. 


Lastly, we are facing a critical time in education in the United States and Weld Re-8 is not immune to the same issues.  We went to you, the voters, for a Mill Levy Override which provides $1,400,000 annually to our budget for personnel.  The key to successful education is the people working with your students daily.  We are not able to offer a competitive salary in relation to districts in proximity to Weld Re-8.  Our starting salary for a certified teacher is $38,510 annually.  To outline the comparisons for you, St. Vrain Valley SD is our next-door neighbor and offers $43,500 for that same beginning teacher.  We are then bordered on the south by School District 27J which pays $40,400.  I will continue to speak with you over the next months regarding our monetary needs as our legislators work on a school funding bill. 


I am honored to serve as your Superintendent of Schools.



A Proud Weld Re-8 Employee

200 South Fulton, Fort Lupton, CO 80621




Posted January 1, 2020 @ 5:39 p.m.


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