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September 2019


Weld Re-8 Community,


We have completed the first weeks of school and are already into September.  I have the great opportunity to watch and interact with your children daily as they begin and/or continue their journey in education.   I asked each of our family members as employees to welcome students in a way that begins a high trust, respectful and caring relationship.  I challenged each of them to build a safe and welcoming environment where students love to attend school.  I believe that relationships are of the utmost importance to our students in order to learn and grow.  There is a saying that goes like this, “People need to know you care before they care what you know.”  The simple fact is that our kids want to feel important and loved.   


While I know that relationships are a key piece of the success of students, it is also an important facet of our Weld Re-8 family.  I appreciate your patience during the beginning of the year with transportation changes as well as school start and end times.  I am appreciative of our Board of Education’s support for the time changes this year.  I believe it will pay huge dividends for our students and certainly for our collaboration of staff on instructional practices.  The second component for the successful education of your student is best-first instruction.  We have adopted a core curriculum for preschool through grade 12 in English Language Arts.  This now provides each student the guaranteed and viable curriculum across all schools and grades.  We can have honest and open conversations internally to address the teaching of standards that will provide your student with increased achievements not only measured through assessments, but real-life relevant learning opportunities. 


Our Four Core Values are our promise to deliver the very best to your student and to you as parents and community members.  We believe in Valuing and Investing in People, Excellence, Integrity and Teamwork.  I would challenge you to ask for a daily implemented definition of these from any of our building staff.  I want to insure we are living our values and not just living with them. 


Finally, I continue to learn and grow as a person and am thankful for the feedback I receive.  I want to encourage each of you to seek ways to be involved with your students’ education.  If there are concerns or celebrations you want to share, please feel free to reach out to me.  I need the feedback in order to provide the very best education for your student.


I am honored to serve as Superintendent of Schools in Weld Re-8.


A Proud Weld Re-8 Employee

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Posted September 3, 2019 @ 9:00 p.m.


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