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From the desk of Superintendent, Alan Kaylor
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September 2017

Parents and Community,

As we begin the month of September, I am reminded how quickly the school year passes.  We welcomed back students in mid-August to our five schools with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement.   The first day of school offered a new adventure for our staff, students and parents. I watched at the elementary level as first-time students entered the school with parents closely watching and monitoring their every move, all the way to more veteran students who wanted to walk in without an adult accompanying them.  Each of the parents HOPE for the very best for their student and students HOPE for the very best for themselves.

I have chosen the theme of HOPE for this school year and want to take a moment to explain why.  I shared with staff an article titled, “Sowing Seeds of Hope”, in which the author carefully explains the importance of hope in a child’s life.  There are four components to hope: optimism, place, pride and purpose.  The author believes that if a school is successful in these four areas that a student will learn to his/her best ability.   

Optimism is the belief that things can and will get better.  It exists when a there is strong, positive staff and a developed shared vision with input from staff, parents, and students.  The school builds a welcoming environment with an atmosphere of respect and safety.  It is important to recognize and celebrate success. 

Place can be described as a feeling that they belong.  Students feel that they are accepted, respected, and included which boosts students' motivation, self-confidence, and success in school. To develop a place, schools should implement well-developed transition programs.  The school staff should regularly monitor students' sense of belonging.  Finally for students to feel like they belong in the school, opportunities need to exist where there are create smaller school settings, such as groupings inside the classroom and school. 

Pride is the belief that one is capable and competent. Schools should surround students with high expectations.  We need to know that our students can and will achieve their individual best.  As a district, we need to provide opportunities to assume real responsibilities.  Students should know the target of learning for the day would apply to their future life.  The opportunity to participate in service learning and voluntary service programs provides a sense of accomplishment.

Purpose is the “why” of life.  Students need to develop realistic dreams for their future and prepare a detailed plan to achieve their goals. There is a distinct relationship between motivation and personal interests, talents, and goals.  Weld Re-8 School District will assist in developing students' interests and talents. Our goal is to make a connection between the student and an adult who shares his or her interests and talents.  With the new Foundational Literacy Plan this school year, we will build the habit of reflective inquiry.  Students will be asked to write and reflect on a variety of areas of emphasis.

I will continue to update you on our journey throughout the school year.  If you should have any questions or need clarification on any school-related matter, please contact me.

I am honored to serve as your Superintendent.

Alan J. Kaylor, Superintendent

Weld County School District Re-8
301 Reynolds Street
Fort Lupton Colorado 80621
Office Hours 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
(303) 857-3200 phone


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